Do you have problems with your sanitary facilities? In the bathroom, in the kitchen or in the cellar? We take care of every problem! We are the sanitary emergency service Berlin. We are here for you immediately!

We eliminate blockages and problems in the field of plumbing in Berlin:

• Clogging of all kinds
• Processes for farm and rainwater
• Pipe inspection and pipe cleaning
• Toilets and toilet bowls
• Bath and shower trays
• Clogged washbasin
• Sewer examinations
• Processes in the basement
• Clean drain
• Rinses
• Milling

How do we locate constipation?

We use only proven and modern technologies, leaks are reliable detected using high-tech methods; That saves time and money!

• We carry out pipe inspections by camera inspection

Modern ultrasonic technology: With leak detection by means of acoustic signaling we find every leak!

How fast are our plumbers in Berlin?

According to German insurance, a must be on-site in 2 to 3 hours.
Our sanitary technicians need 40 to 60 minutes to be with you in Berlin!
Benefit from our fast service!

Is the sanitary emergency service from Berlin on site?

If none of our fitters are available at the moment, the nearest plumber will come by. We guarantee that.

When can we be reached?

We are available to our customers in Wedding as an emergency service 24 hours a day!
Of course, our emergency service is also available on weekends and on public holidays: 365 days a year, we are at your disposal as a reliable pipe cleaning company and emergency service.

Do you know the electromagnetic cleaning?

The electromagnetic cleaning is used to clean sewage pipes and sewage and rainwater sewers. The electromagnetic cleaning works with pipe cleaning coils in different sizes and lengths, the drive is done by means of a motor. The spirals are provided with the following special attachments for the best possible cleaning:

• Attachment saws
• Various drill heads
• Various cutting tools
• Chain slings
• and other special tools

As a plumber we work with the electromagnetic cleaning in different areas:

• For drainage of bathtubs, showers and washbasins
• Against blockages in the toilet and urinal
• For the removal of urine scale
• Removal of deposits / lime deposits
• Cleaning of drain pipes
• Sewer cleaning
* Pipe cleaning
• Sewage / exhaust pipe cleaning

Do you have problems with root cutting or root ingrowth in your duct systems?

Tree roots can damage sewers. If these have penetrated into a drain pipe, a special device for root cutting is necessary after the sewer inspection.
For the misunderstood love of nature you should not just leave such trees or their roots alone, they cause cracks in the pipes, in the long run thick root balls can even completely block the pipes. Do it right now!

How to eliminate root ingrowth:

1. We examine your piping with a channel camera.
2. For root cutting, a special milling robot is used, which fits into the channel.
3. Then we remove all existing deposits in the channel, so that the (waste) water can flow again.
4. Finally, we carefully seal affected pipes from the inside, so that everything is in order again.

You need a sewer cleaning or a sewer rehabilitation?

We do the following as a plumber for the sewer cleaning:

• The elimination of obstacles and blockages of all kinds
• Canal cleaning of different sizes
• TV navigation for optimum results
• Extraction and cleaning of overflow basins, manholes and much more.

We are prepared for everything!

High pressure rinse complacent?

In Berlin, blockages and other contaminants can be easily and sustainably cleaned after a pipe inspection with the help of water and a high-pressure rinse. For the sake of the environment, only water is used for this type of cleaning. Using a high pressure flush we can solve the affected pipe blockage. Foreign objects and deposits are reliably flushed out with this technology. A pipe cleaning is no problem for us.

What do we do in hydromechanical cleaning (high-pressure cleaning)?

1. The obstruction removal is carried out exclusively with the help of water.
2. In the first step of pipe maintenance, the flushing hose is introduced into the pipe.
3. The subsequent rinsing takes place with a water pressure of up to 200 bar, so that even stubborn deposits and blockages can be eliminated.

After that, every channel is guaranteed to be usable again as usual!

A leak test should be carried out again and again:

The likelihood of a leaking sewer is very high, with around 90 percent of all duct tested lines not in the desired condition. Therefore, you should act promptly to identify leaks in the pipes as quickly as possible.

Here our so-called leak test is exactly the right choice for you. We can detect damage to the pipe, ducts and pipes at an early stage using this test. Here we proceed as follows:

1. Damage to the piping by high pressure flushing nozzle without a prior visual inspection.
2. An optical channel investigation by a TV camera.
3. Recording of the condition and line course by video and photo recording.
4. Documentation with the following points: Inventory plan, video camera examination, individual damage in the photo, recorded inspection of the shafts and pipes, written proof of leaks.

Call us and we will take care of your problem!

We offer guaranteed fixed prices for pipe cleaning.
Normally, we eliminate all blockages quite simply at a fixed price.
There are no additional costs for access, the use of our machines or the necessary protective clothing, these are already included in the fixed prices.

Our service for you: cleanliness, speed and punctuality!

No matter what problems you have, the sewer pipe is clogged, the sink does not drain, or even the toilet – we can help you with these and all other equivalent problems with our experience safely and quickly.

Just call us directly: 030 568 38122

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